Hollywood Mews

It was love at first “site” with this job. Despite only being able to see the shell of this property on our first visit, we fell head over heals for it.


The first time we popped our heads into this development project in Hollywood Mews it was still a building site, as so many of our jobs are at this planning stage.

We were instantly struck by the clever layout. Property developer Dan Philipson and architect Jonathan GIllet, from Jo Cowen Architects, came up with the brilliant idea of placing the staircase in the centre of the house. 

This meant the different rooms on the ground floor were distributed around the central shaft, creating an open circular flow from entrance to reception to study to dining to kitchen to family room and then back.

The addition of internal Crittal-style doors cleverly partitioned the open areas to create different zones, without compromising light or space, and adding lots of interesting vistas. 

This means you can open all the doors to throw a big house party or close them to keep the noisy kids on one side and and work from home or read the Sunday papers in peace and quote on the other side.

To top it all up, the smart pared back finishes combined with beautiful oak panelling, the bespoke bar, the bronze handles and unique pendants made this property very special – everything so carefully planned.



As always, art plays a huge part in our staging installations. The large abstract oil painting in the family area does two things: it draws your eye as you come in, welcoming you into the house and it sets the colour palette for the rest of the scheme. 

We decided to keep our basic upholstery in plain and neutral tones which then allowed us to add lots of texture and pattern with our zebra prints and plush cushions.

To bring in a touch of elegance and glow, we incorporated some gold elements metals. which you can see on the occasional tables and picked up in the legs of the slipper chair. 

Upstairs, we grounded the scheme in the master bedroom by using a dark blue rug, paired with a rich dark velvet Barcelona style chair. You can’t go wrong with blues. 

In the other bedrooms, we allowed bold colours and striking patterns to do the talking. 

Hollywood Mews is a beautiful space, tucked away in the heart of Chelsea. 

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