WE WORK AS A TEAM   | It is the combination of our creative minds coming together that makes the company work.

How we help you sell your property


  • Create an atmosphere that has an immediate impact on the buyer.
  • Make our schemes dynamic and introduce elements of surprise.
  • Ensure the design scheme appeals to a wide range of potential buyers.
  • Give the property soul and personality.
  • Design layouts that maximise the visual space and highlight the property’s best features.
  • Be a commercially sound option for our clients.
  • Work with budgets that are viable for each project.

Our Design Philosophy


  • A neutral palette with a touch of colour.
  • A mixture of textured materials and finishes.
  • A diverse collection of art, including oil paintings, lithographs, drawings, sculptures and objets d’art.
  • A mix of eclectic and bespoke furniture that ranges from vintage and classic to edgy and contemporary pieces.
  • Original schemes that stand out and move away from the contrived ‘show-flat’ look all too often seen in house staging.

Furniture Hire vs Purchasing


  • Cost-effectiveness. Considerably less capital outlay – good for cash-flow.
  • A quick turnaround. We operate swiftly – we install in two days and are not held back by the long lead times and delayed deliveries of the buying route.
  • Versatility. The adaptable nature of house staging allows for any last-minute changes, as even the best planned layouts may require adjustments on the day of installation.
  • Flexibility. If furniture needs to be transferred from one property to another within the same development, we can adjust and change the furniture scheme without delay.
  • Adaptability. If the buyers are interested in purchasing the property along with some of the furniture or the whole content, we are happy to provide a full price list.

You can contact our designers at:
[email protected]