We provide a full furniture rental service for anyone marketing empty properties.

As Londons pioneering house staging company with almost 40 years of experience, Decoroom furnish and style high-end residential properties to maximise their sale potential and appeal to the highest number of prospective buyers.

House Staging


  • We provide a full furniture rental and styling service to help with the marketing of properties.
  • We work in newly developed or refurbished properties as well as those vacated by owners or tenants.
  • We supply contemporary and classic furniture, oil paintings, lithographs, lamps, rugs, ornaments, sculptures, objets d’art, soft furnishings and silk flowers.
  • We furnish each space individually, according to the property’s architecture, style and location.
  • Broad appeal and originality are our keystones.


  • Our rates vary according to the size of the project – we can provide an initial estimate based on a floor plan of the property.
  • For a confirmed quote we like to visit the property to discuss layouts and client-specific requirements.
  • We then agree on an installation date and draw up a furniture contract. Our fee includes transport, furniture installation and removal, so there are no hidden costs.
  • The earlier we are appointed the better, to give us time prior to installation to familiarise ourselves with the space.
  • We have over 50 properties fully furnished at any given time. So to avoid disappointment we generally advise clients to give us as much notice as possible. Especially for very large properties, for which  a 6 weeks’ notice would be advisable.
  • Furniture installation usually takes 2 to 3 days.
  • Once the property exchanges, we remove the full content prior to completion.
  • If the buyer is interested in purchasing the content we can provide a price list of the items for sale.

Interior Design Consultancy

WORKING TOGETHER   |   We work with developers and architects looking to furnish their projects with us, to help them create interior design schemes that optimise their property’s sales potential. We can be involved as much or as little as the client requires at any stage of the project. We are also happy to collaborate with interior designers already assigned to the job.

We can:

  • Advise on room and furniture layouts.
  • Put together a soft interior design scheme to include window dressing, a paint and paper schedule, lighting and furniture layout.
  • Advise on finishes, such as tiles, kitchens, ironmongery and flooring.
  • Advise and source wallpapers and wall coverings.
  • Advise on joinery, such as bookshelves and wardrobes.

Super Prime Properties

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL   |    Properties at the highest end of the market – over £20 million – may require a different approach due to their high level of finish and size. To furnish these kind of properties we offer a combination of furniture hire and purchase. We would usually ask for 10-12 weeks’ notice.

We can:

  • Design and supply bespoke upholstery pieces, such as made-to-measure seating for cinema rooms and integrated headboards.
  • Source gym equipment and pool furniture.
  • Design or commission unique pieces of furniture and art for very specific spaces and large scale rooms.
  • Advise on lighting and source wall lights, pendant lights and chandeliers.
  • Organise the hire of special pieces, such as grand pianos and luxury pool tables.
  • Provide an extra layer of ornaments, branded products and soft furnishings if needed.

You can contact our designers at:
[email protected]